Dive into this recap of Samantha & Kathy's Now This Interview in NYC!


At the beginning of March when Badassery Magazine Co-Founders Samantha and Kathy were in NYC, they were interviewed by Now This. Over here at Badassery, we are all so excited that the video of their interview is now LIVE; and… we have a little preview and recap for you!

Samantha and Kathy’s own online business journeys have driven the way they deliver the Badassery mission: with the magazine and podcast geared to supporting other female entrepreneurs build their passion based zone of genius business. Our journeys online are not meant to be solo. We need to have a community around us to thrive and support each other… always!

If you take one thing away from this video, just remember that it doesn’t matter what you look like… we’re not meant to be ‘perfect’ to be successful. Each of us are our own kind of successful. If we rise together, we can permanently change the perception of women in business and that question of ‘work life balance’ that is thrown our way as females!


Watch the Now This Badassery Interview Here!



'Badassery' Magazine Is Features Women Business Owners

This magazine highlights women who are kicking ass in the business world

Posted by NowThis Her on Tuesday, April 10, 2018

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