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What to expect in October 2018


October  2:

5 Non-Sleazy Ideas To Build Hype Around a Big Launch
Badassery Magazine’s very own Samantha Parker tells us her expert tips for getting visible without being salesy.

October 3:

What’s Your Three Word Rebellion?
Rising Rebel and Speaking Coach, Dr. Michelle Mazur walks you through crafting your message to reach millions.

October 4:

Badass Boss Spotlight – Alonia Walton
Meet Alonia Walton, aka DJ Lala Land, and hear her story about building a passion-based business in a male-dominated profession.

October 9:

Brand Yo’self
Web designer and branding specialist, Amanda Krill, teaches you why your website must be a reflection of who you are to attract the right clients.

October 10:

Form Over Substance
Wordsmith Mackenzie Clench reminds us that it isn’t the package that’s important, it is the ideas within that makes or breaks the book.

October 11:

Badass Boss Spotlight: Kelly Evan Smith
Meet Kelly, a passionate badass in charge at Kelly Love Soul, and learn how discovering CBD oil not only changed her health, but her business as well.

October 16:

Hello From the Other Side
Photographer and Life Coach, Jasmin Nelson, chronicles her journey from self-destruction to self-love.

October 17:

Badass Boss Spotlight: Dr. Michelle Mazur
Meet Michelle, the rising rebel behind Rebel Communications, and host of Rebel Rising podcast. 

October 18:

Three Skills Required To Build Your Bank Account
Author and singer/songwriter, Emily Ann Peterson, talks about the three things everyone needs to have more money in the bank.

October 23:

In the Company of Other Women
Community leader and educator, Molly Leger, explains the importance of getting support from a group of like-minded women.

October 24:

Badass Boss Spotlight: Amanda Krill
Meet Amanda, a web designer who does more than make a pretty site — she creates a little piece of you to represent your business.

October 30:

5 Success Hacks Every Online Course Creator Needs To Know
Business growth consultant, Kendra Settle, gives her expert tips on how to give your course the extra edge to be a success.

October 31:

Magic Pumpkin Bread
Intuitive healer, witch, and tarot reader, Megan Vesterdahl, shares her magic and delicious recipe for pumpkin bread. 

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