Yesterday was a rough one for me. The home buying and selling process can be stressful and bring up all kinds of shit. My husband and I even got into a texting war that put the old cycle of lacking “enough” money front and center.

If this would have been the previous version of me, I would have… “Got angry, cried my eyes out, told myself it’s all my fault, gave up on my next program I’m offering (which is THE most powerful offering I’ve ever created for women so no way will I give up on them), spent the day in bed sleeping, called my mom to ask for money (which NEVER happens), and gave up on the whole house thing by calling my realtor and telling her “take it off the market, we’re done”.

I’m the master of my mind and emotions though, and became my savior in the moment, not him.

Not even 5 minutes after the texting war began, my husband called and started sharing all his illogical fears, lack driven money thoughts, and I immediately said “I can’t listen to this as it’s not true, I choose to only surround myself with positive money mindset peeps and this energy is not in alignment with me”. DONE. End of conversation.

But then shit went down.

My computer crashed and the 2 hours I spent working with my ads guy fell apart because I got blocked from using my own business page on facebook. I REALLY wanted to freak out!

I cried, walked away from my computer, and decided this only seems hard right now because I’m playing a victim role and it’s time to save myself.

I was REALLY good at being the victim in the past, although I didn’t see it that way. I depended on my husband to get me out of financial messes, relied on breaking down to get attention from friends, blamed my lack of success on coaches I previously worked with, and had the excuse of my kids keeping me “too busy to do what it takes to grow my business”.

It’s all BULLSHIT. I am my savior now. I am the only one responsible for my life. I am the one to rely on and YOU ARE YOUR SAVIOR.

It’s really not easy sometimes to own up to the fact that we create our life, nobody else. We have to save ourselves.

You might think, “well, I hate my job and there’s no way out because I have bills and kids”. The truth is though at one point, you CHOSE that job. You might have changed since but it is up to you to make life happen how you WANT it to. It might take getting a new job while in that one to leave and start your own company on the side, even if for only 2 hours a day.

If you are committed to being your savior and creating the life you want. You will stop at NOTHING. You and your dreams are worth fighting for.

If you rely on others to save you, you’ll never truly feel worthy. Why? Because we actually know in the back of our minds that we allowed ourselves to give our power away.

ALL the ways we depend on others to save us can be summed up in these terms.


The trainer or nutritionist will not save you, YOU have to do the work the other 23 hours of each day


Your coach will not save you, YOU have to do the work the other 23 hours of the day


The drugs, alcohol, shopping, co-dependency, TV,  or whatever else is helping you numb out will not save you, YOU have to feel and be aware of your emotions


The church will not save you, YOU have to have a personal relationship with God that nobody can take away


Your partner will not save you, YOU have to get your money mindset straight or it will continue to go backwards


Your friends/lover/family will not save YOU, you must love and accept yourself first and have boundaries because you are worthy

I really love to look at life now and see myself as a VICTOR not a victim. When shit goes down, I do the work to get me back in the flow. I don’t allow the old ‘Victim Kim’ to show up because she isn’t who I am anymore. It takes RESILIENCY.

You are your savior, sometimes you just need guidance and support to achieve victory in your life.

About the Author

Kim Bown Bliss

Kim Bown Bliss

As a teacher of life mastery, energy healer, and liberation coach, Kim Bowen Bliss guides clients to create a life of bliss no matter what their past holds. She began her self-healing journey decades ago because of childhood trauma and self-destruction that led her to realize the power of yoga, mindset, and spiritual connection. This is why Kim is so passionate to inspire others to experience life fully, be true to who they are, feel powerful every single day. She’s writing a new book, has the Badass Goddess Guidebook to a Magical Fucking Life, and is beginning the Bliss Warrior Way podcast to inspire others to become the master of their lives while uplifting the planet. Kim lives in Arizona, leads transformational retreats all over the world, has a super cool family, loves being out in nature, drinking good wine, and diving into personal and spiritual development through reading and practice.