We’ve all been there, stuck in the endless scroll on Facebook, getting distracted by emails, phone calls, kids wandering into our office. It ain’t easy being a badass, but the reality is, if you want this life, if you want this SUCCESS, you’ve gotta put up or shut up.


I see you there, procrastinator.


Facebook lurker.

And I KNOW for a fact you have better things to do. Things that will grow your business. Things that will free up your time. Bring you wealth. Satisfaction. SUCCESS. But somehow, some way, it never gets done. We’ve all been there, stuck in the endless scroll on Facebook, getting distracted by emails, phone calls, kids wandering into our office. It ain’t easy being a badass, but the reality is, if you want this life, if you want this SUCCESS, you’ve gotta put up or shut up.

Real talk: a three-year-old fireman walked into my office as I was writing this.

Sometimes life happens, things take precedence, and that’s okay, but let those moments be the exception, not the rule, or I promise — you’ll NEVER stay on top of things. Here’s the real, no bullshit 411 on what you need to do to cut the crap and get your goals back on track for 2018.

Admit That You’re Letting Yourself Get Distracted

That’s right babe, LETTING. We often allow ourselves to play the victim without even realizing it.

“I couldn’t get this article done because a client call ran long.”

“I’m behind on this project because I had a migraine for three days.”



Because unless you stop acting like life is just happening to you instead of you allowing circumstances within your control to dictate your life for you, you will NEVER own your time. Start re-wording your excuses, and they’ll start sounding more like confessions:

“I didn’t get this article done because I let a client take too much of my time.”

“I’m behind on this project because I didn’t drink enough water or prioritize sleep, and got a migraine.”

More often than not, even the things we feel are well outside of our control, like other people and our bodies, are EXACTLY within our control. Start owning it, and you’ll start seeing that even for the things you can’t control, life suddenly seems a whole hell of a lot more manageable.

Start Tracking Your Time

Where does the day go? Uh, how about Facebook? Social media is one of my biggest guilty pleasures, and for most people, five minutes quickly turns into half an hour. Don’t let your time sneak away from you, and be honest about where it’s really being spent. Use an app that tracks your time, as well as monitors where you’re spending it. Take RescueTime for a spin, and you’ll be humbled by just how long you spent looking at balayage hair on Pinterest.

Block Your Time Sucks

Once you’ve identified the things that are eating away at your productivity, create some boundaries. This goes for websites just as much as it does people.

Have honest, productive conversations with the people who bogart your time and invade your work space. Remember: they’re not doing it on purpose, they’re doing it because you didn’t make your boundaries clear and stick to them, and that’s on you.

Hold your head high, block Facebook for the afternoon, and tell your mom she’ll have to call back later — you’ve got a world to conquer.

Stop Making Yourself Sick

That’s right. I’m going there.

Some people have frustrating health problems through no fault of their own, but if you’re anything like me, you eat the junk that gives you a migraine sometimes, just because it’s right freaking there.

And it’s cool, nobody’s perfect, but if your habits are making you sick, they’re making it impossible for you to give your pursuits your all. Drink plenty of water, wear computer glasses if you’re in front of a screen all day (because SERIOUSLY, blue light is no joke), and at least make an attempt at reaching for almonds instead of chips.


I know you have deadlines stacked back to back, I know you’re moving mountains, and that shit takes time, but I can guarantee you, you are not your best you when you’re running on empty.

Don’t top off on caffeine. Don’t burn the candle at both ends. And DON’T act like it’s impossible.

Nothing trumps your health and sanity, not even your business, and sleep IS your health and sanity, woman. Set firm cut-off times for your workday so that you can actually wind your brain down, and if you’re suffering from insomnia, start tackling that beast:

  • Blue light from your computer screen blocks the production of melatonin, so if you spend a lot of time plugged in, make sure you’re wearing a pair of computer glasses.
  • Empty your brain every night when you wrap up your work. Use a journal, Evernote — whatever your jam is — and unload anything left on your mind, so you relax.
  • Stretch those bound and bunched up muscles gently for bed with a simple bedtime yoga routine (try not to watch a video to get it done).
  • Make your space a place of rest at the end of the day. Dim the lights, turn down the music, and start wooing that elusive temptress that is restful slumber.

Get Great At Saying No

You’re a giver, and that’s adorable, but here’s a new muscle you can start exercising: Your ‘ain’t nobody got time for that’ muscle.

Society has ingrained in us a tremendous sense of obligation where little to none should exist. DON’T let it control your time. It’s okay to say no, and you should get comfortable with saying it… pretty much all the time. It doesn’t make you a bitch. It doesn’t make you rude or blunt. Say it nicely, say it with grace, but say it proud: “NO.”

Be firm, be consistent, and be unafraid of hurting people’s feelings, because there is NOTHING wrong with not giving in to every whim and request someone else has of you.

Put your armor on, and show them how strong you are. What productivity buzz kills are you crushing for 2018?

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Destiny is a freelance writer and influencer marketer who works with cool brands like J+S Vision to help them reach buyers who LOVE them. When she’s not writing blog content or orchestrating a giveaway, you can catch her playing with her toddler, eating too much chocolate, and re-watching seasons of Stranger Things. You can find Destiny at jandsvision.com.

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