Learn how psychic readings can help you gain clarity, becomes a tool for success, and helps you clear blocks in life and business

There was once a time when all talk of psychics, mystics and tarot readers were taboo.

A mere mention of having a reading with a psychic would put you in the firing line for eye rolling or ridicule.

However, these days everyone from the CEO at a FTSE 100 company to a badass woman starting her own empire right through to celebrities has a psychic, tarot reader, medium or healer on speed dial.

So, why are professional, ambitious and successful women choosing to work with psychics?

Life is quite unsettling these days. Yet people are feeling the pressure to be more, do more and achieve more. With that people are feeling more stressed and worried about the future than ever before. So, when people go to psychics they are not just looking for predictions. They are seeking advice on HOW to fulfill their potential and become a better version of themselves.


,With that in mind, here are just some of the ways that a psychic can support you in bettering your personal and professional life:


When you have a reading the psychic is tuning into your energy and the energy around your situation. This means that they are able to see the unseen, eg: hidden agendas, silent truths, opportunities, and possibilities. These are all things that you probably won’t see because you are right in the middle of your story and situation, as well as feeling stressed by the whole thing. By making the unseen seen you get a sense of clarity and by direction that supports you in making decisions that are aligned with your goals.

Tools for success

Gone are the days when psychics would simply reel off a list of predictions that would either be what you wanted to hear or not. The modern psychic will also offer you tools and practices that you can use to:

  • Dissolve any blocks that have been identified
  • Better align you with attracting what you want, eg: love or dream job
  • Give you a boost in area where you feel in lack, eg: confidence, self-love
  • Support you in letting go of what doesn’t serve you

People often ask why after a traumatic experience people wake up to what it is they truly want in life. After having my own heart ripped out I think I know why.

And it’s because when your world is turned upside down, when all the promises and compromises you made trying to keep yourself safe from the big bad world explode in your face and you realise they were never real to begin with, just illusions of safety, you are left with a choice.

You can give up, retreat, embittered by a pain so real it is a physical presence.

Or you can surrender to the lessons of grief. Lessons that teach you to put your heart back together again, lessons that show you that there is no true safety but there is the glory of being alive, even if a loved one isn’t. And there is in fact just this life. Or at the very least it is the only one you get to experience.



Women especially can be guilty of putting a lot of pressure on themselves to achieve and be all things to all people. Then, when things are not going to plan or they experience stagnation in an area of their life they beat themselves up. When this happens there becomes this intense focus on what’s not going right or your failures. During a reading the psychic can highlight your successes, your gifts and talents, including your own psychic or spiritual gifts. Some of these successes, talents and gifts may be undiscovered, unnoticed or neglected. However, once revealed may leave you feeling inspired and motivated to act upon them. In some cases, opening you up to a world of new opportunities and positive changes.


Intuition and that gut-feeling is a gift that God bestowed upon us all. However, what tends to happen is that you’ll get the intuitive hunches and be too scared to act on them or simply not know how. A psychic can confirm those intuitive hunches which, in the first instance, help you feel you are not going crazy and in the second instance can begin that process of looking deeper into the situation. On the flip side, a psychic can also confirm that you’re taking steps in the right direction, even when it doesn’t feel like it. They can then offer you tools and guidance that supports you in strengthening your position.


These are just a few ways in which psychics can support you in your daily life and guide you to fulfil your potential. Doing so in a way that leaves you in control of your life and empowered to make your own decisions. Ultimately, badass women from all walks of life, just like our celeb favourite are being given an additional opportunity to tap their own magic and access the answers that lie within, simply by getting a reading with their psychic BFF. All of which supports them in becoming their best self and creating a better life. And what’s not to love about that?


About the Author

Chanel Marie

Chanel Marie is a psychic, energy healer and psychic development teacher who supports you in stepping out of the darkness and into your own light. Using a blend of spirituality and beauty she supports your inner and outer transformation. Specialising in psychic + spiritual development, relationships, career and business start-ups, Chanel and her spiritual team will empower and uplift you.


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