Discover the themes within your origin story that have been holding you back, and find true alignment for your life and business.


Chantal Herman is the creative force behind Rock This Universe, where she supports everyone to eliminate any negative energy that may be holding them back and find alignment with their life and business.

Chantal describes the ‘labels’ we use in our business (which we also transfer to our personal life). Our purpose can be some form of creative purpose we feel that we have, which uses a lot of our energy. If we go through some form of change, in either our business or personal life can make is dis-empowered – which could lead to a crisis.

Our purpose is something that goes so much deeper that the labels we assign to ourselves, because they are a part of our identity.

Once we accept that we are connected to the world and universe on a deeper level, we can feel our life force and essence to support our empowerment… no matter what labels may have been attached to our previously.


Forgive Yourself: Chantal describes the practice of authentic forgiveness. What is Authentic Forgiveness? The form of forgiveness that is all-encompassing, where you forgive yourself for all decisions: where you do not have to get something right first time. Practicing authentic forgiveness allows us to ‘try’ something before we share it with the world. Once you have found that ‘something’ that you want to amplify, others will support you to share your vision!


To really dive into this webinar, you need to watch Chantal in action… The only person who can truly describe how you can re-create your origin story AND uncover all of the themes within your life that require action; you WILL find alignment for yourself, your business and vision; and the world. Once you have found that true alignment, you will discover that anything is possible, as long as you allow the chance to try!


Watch the Replay Here!




About Our Guest


Chantal is an award-winning actor, an author, speaker, Transformational Leadership Coach and all-round fun person to hang out with. She has acted in, written for, directed for television, produced for marketing/advertising, is a sought after ‘ideas’ person for creative projects.

She runs workshops for frustrated individuals and business owners looking for ways to bring all their heart, passion, creativity and integrity into the work they do and service they offer. She gives inspirational and interactive talks to stressed out people from all walks of life looking to get themselves back to joy.  She activates the leader in you with her coaching, workshops and programs designed to put your life into new perspective, igniting your soul for the work you’ve truly come to do.