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Things are changing in badassery land

If you are an avid reader of Badassery Magazine, you probably noticed something a little different this month. In fact, you are probably wondering, “WHERE THE HELL IS THE MAGAZINE!”

First off, take a deep breath. There is no need to panic. The Magazine is still here. In fact, you are reading it right now!

We know this isn’t the fancy, flip-able magazine reader you all have come to know and love. While we loved hosting our mag on Joomag for its design and interactive features, we were missing out on something very important — audience growth! You see, our magazine used to be a glorified PDF document and the content wasn’t searchable on the interwebs. That meant we (and our contributors) weren’t being discovered organically through search, and that’s a problem in the content marketing biz.

So, even though we LOVE the magazine, we decided to change it up and take it off Joomag. Instead, we are hosting both here on our website and as a publication on Medium.

Another change is we are no longer dropping all the content at the beginning of the month. Instead, we will be dripping out contributions and content all month long. This means you have to check back often to get all the quality content you’ve come to love from Badassery Magazine.

What to expect in September 2018

This month is jam-packed with excitement for you. Here is a sneak peek on what you can expect.

September 1:

Cocktails, Convos & Community: How Connecting with Like-minded Women Makes Doing Business Better
Badassery Magazine teams up with the BRA Network for an evening of drinks, socializing, and strategy on building highly-engaged communities. See highlights from this amazing event. Read More

September 4:

Badassery Takes LA
Check out highlights from our kickass party celebrating our book release where we connected with, inspired, and empowered women in Los Angeles. Read More

September 5:

Badass Bosses Spotlight – Melody Spencer
Meet Melody, digital marketing expert, Facebook ad strategist, and the badass behind Swiftly Social.  Read More.

September 6:

Beware The Social Media Vortex of Doom
Social Media Angel, Katie Brockhurst, warns us about the pitfalls of social media and how to steer clear. Read More.

September 7:

Badass Bosses Spotlight – Jenny Ambrose
Meet Jenny, a total badass and the award-winning designer behind Purée Fantastico – an award-winning design science & strategy studio. Read More.

September 11:

Writer Life — Speaker Life
Writer and speaker, Roseanney Liu gives us a behind-the-scenes look at her life as a writer and speaker. Read More.

September 12:

Changing My Business Attitude & 5 Ways to Stay Focused on Moving Forward
Former corporate finance executive turned multi-passionate entrepreneur, Shannon Garrison, tells us about her journey and how she stayed focused.  Read More.

September 13:

How a Mentor Can Help Your Entrepreneurial Career
Fashion designer and owner of Sarsparilly, Maria Murphy, gives us an insight behind how mentoring makes a difference in your biz. Read More.

September 14:

Badass Bosses Spotlight – Shannon Garrison
Meet Shannon, the corporate finance executive turned multi-passionate entrepreneur and all of her badassery in this spotlight.

September 18:

The Gifts of Grief
Author, Creative Mermaid, and Cageologist, Sherrie McCarthy shares her story about how losing a loved one helped her realize her true potential.

September 19:

Are You Ready To Hire An Ads Strategist?
Digital marketing strategist and Facebook ad guru, Melody Spencer, walks us through the steps to determine if you are ready to bring on a pro for FB ads.

September 20:

Psychics: The BFF for Driven Women, Millennials, and Celebrities
Psychic healer and development teacher, Chanel Marie explains why psychics are best friends for today’s enlightened woman.

September 21:

The Client Journey
Badass award-winning designer, Jenny Ambrose, takes us along the path of the client journey and explains its importance in design and marketing.

September 25:

Rewriting Our Histories (AKA Making Them Our Bitches)
Marketing and branding coach, Erin Sanchez, shares her story with chronic illness and how she’s turned her story from shameful to empowering.

September 27:

Trippingly on the Tongue
Wordsmith, scribbler, and Chief Fuss Maker, Mackenzie Clench, explains how he breaks rules in order to showcase his personality and creativity in true badass style.

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