If you struggle to create content that sells, these 3 top tips will have planning content that will make a difference to the way you do business


Kathy was joined on Wine & Webinar by Lacy Boggs, the director of The Content Direction Agency where they support clients to be found by clients via content marketing. Wondering what content marketing covers? Anything content that we produce for our business that ignites a conversation from our audience. This includes social media content and blogs.


What are the goals for your content marketing?

We all want more traffic to our sites and social media platforms; but, the next step is taking that traffic to income. If you create content goals, you need to be able to connect it to the funnel and of course the money.

What is your big ‘why’ for creating your content? Usually you have two whys when it comes to your content: business value (educational or inspirational) and audience value. Once you have these two main goals worked out, you need to look at your metrics. Your numbers are those all-important metrics that will actually make a difference to your business, and not just comments or reactions. Lacy’s experience has shown that comments and reactions do not translate to tangible income; particularly as you are not able to track these to sales.

Once you know specifically what your ‘end goal’ is, work backwards: this allows you to plan the steps to achieve those goals.



Are you tracking your metrics?  

Do you have KPIs in place to track your content? You need to be able to create a system that tracks your ROI based on the number of impressions, leads, conversion or sales you have made. Once you start basic tracking, you will be able to see exactly where a member of your audience may have dropped off: you are literally able to see if someone dropped off when they hit your lead magnet and didn’t opt-in… and make any changes that might be needed.

Lacy’s top tip: Do not freak out when it comes to the numbers! It shows where you are now and what you need to tweak to get to where you want to go. Use the industry averages as a baseline for your metrics and map out how to achieve your goal. Be logical and strategic in your approach!



What types of content are you using?

Are you utilizing the best type of content for your business? Lacy recommends taking specific types of posts, which can be broken down into these three areas: ‘how; ‘pillar’ and ‘why’. These content types link to SEO keywords, putting yourself out there as a thought leader, customer retention or a bringing attention to a launch with your CTA.

The type of content you create is entirely up to you and how it you find it works for your business. Lacy recommends that you just start communicating. Build on your KLT factor over a period of time, and you will notice a change in the way your audience reacts to you.




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About Our Guest

Lacy Boggs is a content marketing expert, author of the Kindle bestseller, “Make a Killing With Content,” and director of the Content Direction Agency, a marketing department for hire for small business owners. She and her team help online businesses create strategic, comprehensive, and authentic marketing plans and implement them with ease so that they can drive more business with every piece of content.

Learn more at lacyboggs.com.