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Kathy was joined by Nicole Isler; the Chief Empowerment Officer of Sensitives Worldwide a global community of enlightened sensitives dedicated to making an impact.

With personal experience of living a life where your job is sucking the energy our of you and you’re no longer enjoying what should be your best experience on earth (by living the life that you deserve to have), it’s time to look at where you want to be and step into your new realm of possibility. What does this mean? That it’s time to step back into the control you should have over your own life and then create a life of freedom so that you can live with purpose!


Nicole describes how you need to look at the life that you are living and take a step back from it. Once you are aware of how ‘unhappy’ and drained you are, you need to make the shift to step into alignment with your dreams and go for it.

One of Nicole’s tips is to look at how you would show up if your dream is a ‘done deal’: if you can feel that you suddenly have a newfound energetic influence; that you have a shift in perspective (regardless of where you are at); and ‘feel’ that you WILL live in that zone, it’s time to go for it and leave the nest. This is what can only be described as finding your true alignment and knowledge of the space that you will be stepping into.


Don’t sit there and allow your fear, questions and negative energy to control your life. Allow what your ‘heaven on earth experience’ to come to life and live within your party zone: which allows you to shine your light as brightly as possible. As Nicole says, you don’t want to look back and be filled with regrets. You need to allow the magic to happen, as this will allow you to know that you’ve lived your life in the best way possible.

If you’ve ever had the experience of waking up with drive and fire, where you know that your day will be filled with fun (even though you’re working on your own business); you will know that you are living the life of freedom and purpose that was destined for you.


The only way to really experience this epic webinar; filled with bubbles, glitter and serious energetic truth bombs, you need to watch this webinar – as it’s the only way to experience what Nicole had to say properly!

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About Our Guest


Nicole Isler, is the Chief Empowerment Officer for Sensitives Worldwide, a global community of enlightened sensitives dedicated to making an impact. With over 25 years of expertise, Isler understands the impacts of stress and mindset correlated with emotions and how messy life can feel.

Nicole knows from personal and professional experience what keeps sensitives stuck and stops them from stepping into their gifts at the highest level. She delivers life-changing strategies and empowerment practices to help you liberate your control, create personal freedom and live life on purpose.

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