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Unblock Your Wealth - Interview with Denise Duffiled-Thomas  Give Yourself Permission to Own a Badass Business  Find Your Light - Interview with Rebecca Cambell  The Badassery brand is a HUGE part of our business. We get compliments on our branding all the time, but it didn’t happen overnight. We consistently evolved and refined it to become the on-point brand that you see today. Here’s five things we did to tighten it up.  We are who we are meant to be. Stop with the apologies. Stop with the judgement. Join the movement of being who you are apologetically meant to be!  Build Your Legacy - Interview with Gary Vaynerchuk  Is Your Idea Badass or Just Bad  Samantha and Kathy headed to NYC, where they were interviewed by Bold Business. If you missed the interview, here's a recap!

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