Yes, you read that right! You know...#IRL...those IN REAL LIFE connections. As a digital entrepreneur and nomad, we tend to get lonely. You might not realize it, but all those days alone typing on your computer, bouncing back and forth to zoom calls, Facebook lives, they all give us some form of connection, but it's really not the true connection we need.

Yes, you read that right! You know…#IRL…those IN REAL LIFE connections.

As a digital entrepreneur and nomad, we tend to get lonely. You might not realize it, but all those days alone typing on your computer, bouncing back and forth to zoom calls, Facebook lives, they all give us some form of connection, but it’s really not the true connection we need. I will be the first to admit, I feel extremely connected online. I spend a large portion of my day on video calls and collaborating with bosses. It’s easy for me to deny the fact that I need people, when people is all I ever see. So let’s just get super real for a second here. Those people online are very real, but the connection is lost. It’s like taking a bottle of Dom Perignon, adding sprite to it and then trying to pass it off as the real thing. While the bottle and essence is still there, you’ve added something artificial to it.

Don’t take this wrong way. I have met more fabulous people in person than I could have ever dreamed of. I am literally amazed at the men and women I have the opportunity (yes, I stress opportunity) to speak with on a daily basis. It’s magical. Now take that magic and put it in person, now that’s what real life is made of. In early April, 2017 we hosted our very first ever Badassery Retreat. It was an amazing experience. Those relationships that I had built online grew 1,000% just by spending a weekend together. There is a real raw essence and trust that is built when you bring people into the same space. Seriously, what you can do virtually is stunning, what you can in person alters the earth’s axis.

As an entrepreneur and a women I am always trying to balance “all thing things”. I’m consistently in motivation mode. Let’s face it. It would be far easier to just keep those covers over my head and sleep that extra two hours when my alarm goes off at 5am. When the kids are pissed off or when the Netflix is just calling to be watched…it would be easier to say, “no, this is too hard world, I’ll try again another day”. I’m not going to lie to you and tell you this shit is easy, because it’s not. I’ve had to come to the realization that mindset and motivation is a 24/7 thing that will never ever go away. I have to stay on top of it, or it’s easy to fall into a downward spiral. My favorite way to stay afloat, connecting with people in real life. Igniting that spark and watching the night turn to day in my mind. Get out, do the shit and have some fun.

Here are my top five ways to stay inspired, motivated and slightly more blissful as an online business owner who has stepped out into the real world. 

  1. Plan a meetup. There’s this magical land outside of Facebook where cool people with like minds plan events, it’s call! I guarantee you will find something or those someones that you are looking for. If you don’t, start your own!
  2. Attend conferences. They are always worth the investment and BONUS you learn a lot of new things. Do you know my Badassery partner in crime, Kathy Rasmussen? Well guess what! We met at a conference. Surprise, they rock.
  3. Go to retreats. Besides planning our own Badassery Retreat, I have also attended others. Not only have they transformed my life in some way, but I met some of my best friends. I recently attended a soul sister retreat in Sedona, Arizona organized by the amazing women who own the Woo Collective and it was life changing. I seriously can’t stress this enough. The money will always come, the opportunities will not. 
  4. Hang out in co-working spaces or coffee shops. I live in the bottom tiny corner of Utah and there just aren’t any large co-working spaces, yet. However, there are tons of incredible online entrepreneur’s hanging out in coffee shops. Seriously, I find them and I connect.
  5. Attend professional networking events. While I know this isn’t everyone’s favorite gig, it happens to be a great way to connect and to build your business. I was a member of a local professional networking group for almost two year. While it wasn’t always sunshine and roses, I learned so much. Not to mention I still have loyal clients I never would have, if it wasn’t for that group. Here’s the best part, I still collaborate and network with people outside of their set meeting times. Talk about having some resources.

There are so many ways to grow and connect as an online business owner. Even an introvert needs to get out of their head sometimes and just have those human experiences. You will never regret the inspiration and motivation that comes from having that real connection.

Ready to connect #IRL with the Badassery Crew? Click LEARN MORE below and add your name to our list. We are always hosting in person events around the U.S. through our Badassery Club. Not to mention our annual April retreat. See you soon and be sure and tag us on social media. #WEAREBADASSERY. We always rise stronger together. 

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