Stop Procrastinating. Claim the Life You Love

When you follow your deep purpose and true desires, it can certainly take you out of your comfort zone. I know, it’s true for me. What happens then?

A part of me comes up with excuses to avoid to do anything about it, or reasons why I can’t. My little escape into procrastination begins. It can take various forms but the good thing is, I know me well enough to catch that part of me in the act so I can stay in momentum.

I would like to share with you what I have come to learn about procrastination and three tips of how to slay this sneaky beast.

Tip #1 – Procrastination is NOT about wasting time…

We so often blame it on lack of time when we aren’t doing what we really want. I have never spoken to any woman who didn’t feel the time-trap. But I came to realize that time is an external resource. I know we learned to blame so much on time but it’s rarely the real issue

“Busy-.ness” was a strategy of mine to feel in control. As long as I was doing something, I felt I was making things happen. Being busy was also a great strategy to avoid taking certain actions and to procrastinate.

But it’s about quality actions over quantity and here is my strategy. Start with writing a to-do-list, write down everything that you could possibly think using these three categories: The things that you:

  1. need to do
  2. want to do
  3. desire to do

Keep writing until everything is out of your head onto the paper. Then look through each list and choose one or two items from each that would make the most impact towards your goal right now right here and focus on getting those done. They may not be the most comfortable actions or the most obvious actions to pick either. They may not seem to be logical choices… but you picked them as the most impactful steps towards your goal, right?…Just saying!

Tip #2 – Procrastination has got everything to do with your fears and doubts and limiting beliefs.

We experience a loss of creative flow and momentum by allowing our fears and doubts to eat up our energy. You may let opportunities float away because they’re too scary or uncomfortable. Or because you listen to that ‘what if…?’ in your heads.

My tip is, make time to create clarity, clarity and more clarity. Especially, mental and emotional clarity.  I believe, full moon is a powerful symbol for women remembering to stop, take a step back, and see how far you’ve come. I do a full moon flow-check every month to gain clarity so I know what to let go of and what exactly I manifested. I can then create a very clear action plan.

I’ll be honest with you it’s not always pleasant to do the flow-check and own up to the current reality because sometimes, it means facing things you’d rather not. But I know, real clarity is in the, sometimes uncomfortable details. Occasionally, the flow-check heps me to realize that some of my goals may have become irrelevant or need adjustment. These are important insights if you’re planning to achieve your goals.

Let me share with you two of my other regular rituals that helps me to maintain mental and emotional clarity and continuously deal with any blocks:

  • write down your thoughts and feelings for 5 minutes as they come into your awareness. I don’t know about you but writing always has an empowering and uplifting effect on me. It just instantly raises your vibration and gets you out of your head.
  • I do a breathing exercise whilst in the shower to cleanse both my physical and energetic body straight in the morning. As you breathe out, imagine how you let go of any heavy energy or stress, frustration, worry and let it all washed away with the water. Then, breathe in whatever you need for the day… love, courage, creativity, curiosity, focus, positivity, patience…? Whatever it feels right for you.

Tip #3 Know when you’re most productive and know when you need to recharge

It’s important to recognize this because you can identify yourself procrastinating when, in fact, your energy or motivation is naturally at low levels as a result of your monthly cycle.

You’re hormones are changing week to week. This affects your mood, emotional and mental capacity in your daily life. For us women, there is an optimum time to be productive or creative. We need to know when to be busy and keep working, and when to rest and recharge. As you go through your cycle throughout the month, your body is guiding you when to be productive, when to rest, when to work out, reflect and contemplate and when to cleanse and heal.

When you align with your feminine rhythm, you amplify your flow of creation and life will become more effortless. It can be hard to really listen and follow this guidance and cycle, because life is busy and our society doesn’t support us to tune into our rhythm. I know, I can get days when I have to fight my own nature. I used to be such a doer and wouldn’t stop for anything and trust me constantly taking action is just as unproductive as procrastination. Especially, that, after too much action, I got exhausted and then oscillated into procrastination. It was not easy to change.

It was a process, and my feminine rhythm strategy for business and daily life was born out of this process.  

So there are my three tips and I know that even just applying one of them can bring you feeling more in control of your time, feelings and thoughts. It will help you to take the pressure off yourself and when you lift that weight off, you fly!

So, what are you wanting for? Act upon your desires!

Meet the Author 

Diana Adamko is an NLP and Hypnosis trainer and, Time Line Therapy Master Coach working with women to help them to let go of what’s holding them back and connect and harness their feminine rhythm to manifest their dream life. She is an adventurous and high-spirited Hungarian women currently living in the UK with her partner and daughter. She loves experiencing different cultures and set up for a location independent lifestyle.

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