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Building an online business can seem like a mountain of tasks. There are a zillion shiny objects and even more people telling you what you should do. You get stuck in the thick of it all and you start to feel like you are going nowhere. 

What if I told you that you could have it all? It’s true. This is not a trick. I know what it takes to be really visible online and I teamed up with Kathy Rasmussen (co-founder of Badassery Magazine) to bring you the TEN action steps that actually create buzz around you! Now imagine what would happen if you repeated those ten days over and over….you would be unstoppable.


Okay so let’s make it rain glitter for a second. 

I want you to stop whatever rat race is going on in your head and take a big deep breath, because we’ve totally got your back. Badassery Magazine not only fills your minds with amazing content and inspiration, but we also have ten incredible steps that you implement over ten days to gain HUGE visibility in your online business. I’m talking the type of movement that gets people listening. However, this is not fairy dust or unicorn sh*t. You have to show up and execute. ACTION and consistency are the ONLY things that ever guarantee success.

Consistency is the only thing that guarantees success.

Ready? Great let’s dive in, but remember to just take each step one day at a time.

  1. Get to know your audience. Ask questions. Start conversations with people and really start to build those relationships. *Side note- you probably should just do this everyday…obviously** Really focus on being present and listening. Listening is the key here. Then have your offers all lined up from day one. In case you are wondering how to do this, I recommend having three tiers of sales channels. To learn more about this sign up for our free ten day Badass Business Bootcamp here and listen to the day one video when it hits your inbox..for free! Make real time in your daily schedule and create a daily checklist for yourself. That way you can fly right through your tasks and never miss a day of audience building.
  2. Get branded. This might not be the exact way you think of branding. I’m talking about developing a real voice and showing up the same way consistently. What do you really want to be known for and then develop some brand mood boards and get some colors all lined up.
  3. Introduce yourself everywhere you can. Join as many new Facebook groups as you can (then pull back and only stay in the ones your really love). Friend as many new people as you can. Follow new people on Instagram. Anyways you get the point here…friend some people. Then tap into some good old automation. Pre-schedule your online social media posting and have a plan.
  4. Use tools for visibility. There are so many awesome tech tools out there to help you. USE THEM…Check out our entire list of must have tools in the free bootcamp on day four.
  5. Video power is real. It’s like OMG super real. Stop making up all the lies in your head as to why you aren’t out there on video. Ok now that you have fully accepted that, great. Do it. Just challenge yourself and implement. Go live on Facebook and check out YouTube. If you are going to cause a stir and get people to listen to you, it’s going to be via video.
  6. Dish out free content. If you want people to listen then you are going to have to show them your best stuff. Create some freebies. Want my best advice on doing this? Then you are going to have to dive into the rest here…..GRAB THE FREE TEN DAY BADASS BUSINESS BOOTCAMP.

Want to discover the last four days of killer badass business visibility steps? Now is your time to dive on in. Learn how to write content that converts, implement workshops and collaborate like a boss. AND yes you really can change your business and life in just ten days.


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I’m SAMANTHA PARKER, the cofounder of Badassery Magazine.

Now I’m teaching others how to build their own online empires. Yes, empires. I believe that building and nurturing a sense community with your business is the key to massive success.