Don’t let another roadblock stop you from owning the business of your dreams and creating a life you love!

What is the badassery lifestyle?

Living the Badassery Lifestyle is living life on your TERMS.

It’s redefining success for you. 

If you are here, you have stepped up and are answering the calling of your soul. The passion inside of you. The Badassery that is bursting open.

The Badassery Lifestyle is a HUGE resource center, support network, private community, database, networking hub and more.


We believe that growing a business you love is more than just strategies, it’s a lifestyle. 

The Badassery Lifestyle makes it easy to overcome business hurdles, get your questions answered and enjoy the hell out of your life!

Never DIY the answers you need again. Imagine what would happen if you had a giant resource center right at your finger tips. Now you do.

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Here’s what you get when you join us-

  • Exclusive access to a global network of business owners just like you. Grow by connecting with others who are embracing their Badassery.
  • Hours and hours of tutorials, workshops, resources, articles and more to help you grow multiple aspects of your business and life inside our resource vault.
  • Exclusive invitations to members only events. Including co-working days, weekly check-ins, quarterly jump start days with guest speakers, celebrations and strategies.
  • Contribute and show off your own skills by adding value and knowledge to the growing resource network.
  • Exclusive access to our app, so the Badassery Lifestyle is literally at your fingertips.
  • Join insider conversations with real business builders on topics like spirituality + mindset, energy + awareness, visibility, relationships, BUSINESS CENTER + strategies, health + body, COMMUNITY.

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This Resource Vault is on Fire!

Gain instant access to a growing list of topics that you can directly apply to your business and your life. Find the answers you need to execute immediately. 

  • Spirituality and Mindset
  • Energy and Awareness
  • Visibility
  • Relationships and Connections
  • Business Center and Strategies
  • Health and Body
  • Community Growth


Growth is Key!

The Badassery Lifestyle is ever expanding. New resources, collaborations and connections added continuously. Plus-


  • Monthly Co-Working Days
  • Quarterly Jump Start Days. An immersive entire day of learning. Featuring guest speakers, celebrations and loads of strategies.
  • Weekly Check-Ins
  • Q + A’s
  • Community Manager
  • More Members Only Events
  • Private Community on Our App
  • Network and Learn From Other Badasses

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You can spend all your time searching for freebies or spend thousands on random courses.

You can waste your time digging through resources or trying to get insights inside Facebook groups.

You can listen to your best friend’s advice.


You can connect and learn from those living the Badassery Lifestyle.

You can commit to stepping up and into the life you KNOW you are meant to live.

We are committed to your focus and your growth here at the Badassery Lifestyle. We are in your corner cheering you on every step of the way and we KNOW that these strategies work.

Stop searching. Start living.

$17/Month | Instant Access

JOIN TODAY $17/Month

We believe that the world needs more women ready to embrace their rising badassery within. Women no longer need to settle for what society expects of us and we are no longer fitting into the box. We have dreams, visions and an impact that we are here to make on the world.

We do not have to change ourselves in the process. We can do it right now, right as we are.

Badassery is a lifestyle. A way of growing and being in alignment with your true purpose. We live our Badassery daily by showing up and carving out our own versions of success and what that means to us.

Your hopes and dreams are not impossible. You can achieve anything when we do it together. You are not alone. Come and join us on our mission as we build a community full of badass women.

Do you feel the Badassery rising?

XO- Samantha + Kathy, Badassery Magazine Co-Founders

$17/month | Instant Access