How to tap into your inner warrior and put your needs first with out the guilt of feeling selfish

Honesty has a power that few people can understand.

You either go after what you want, or you don’t.

You either hunt the greatness within, or you live in mediocrity.  

Many of you will like me or you won’t.

I have grown up hearing most of my life, “You are too intense. You don’t say it in a nice way. You are weird. I could never push that hard. You are too loud, too much, too BLAH BLAH BLAH!”

I would say to myself  “Don’t Cry. Hold it in. If you cry you are weak. I don’t want anyone to help me. I will DO IT MYSELF! I have to do everything,”and more and more untrue statements that would lead me to downplay who I am and what I am capable of.

The untrained warrior inside of me would either RAGE WITH ANGER AT EVERYONE or begin a sorrowful descent into the depths of my inner cave and chip away at my self-worth.

No one taught me how to work with my warrior. I hold a large energetic sword, every day. Everything about my existence is trained how to fight for what I want, truth, and what I perceive is right. However, in the beginning of my life I would walk around and stab emotionally innocent family and friends unintentionally because I did not know how to effectively communicate my passion and desires.

I can go from 0-100 in SECONDS with the fire I possess. Sometimes it builds and other times it burns. Mastering this gift became essential after I birthed my three boys, including twins. I had three boys in 18 months and I started drowning when they were born.

I feel that my life has been one big training program for how to use fire, passion, anger, and love to expand into the universe of my greatness and fulfill my purposes on earth. After working in the fitness industry for 15 years,  I created Women’s Empire with the aim of uplifting and inspiring women to become the best versions of themselves, whether they be mothers, housewives, professionals, or entrepreneurs.

Women’s Empire leads women through war maps of power, productivity, profit, and legacy. We strongly believe that many women carry powerful blueprints for the success of our future generations and our it is our duty to generate waterfalls of income and build empires of success.

The first stage of Women’s Empire is called The Queen Eats First. It fits into Women’s Empire’s greater strategy of empowerment. Those who take part receive access to trainings and a range of action plans to help women implement their goals. We promise to guide participants through the “principles, systems, and applications” of what we call the “5 points of power”, which lead to actual results in women’s identity, body, relationships, spirituality, and contributions. The power behind your business is you, so you must have a deep reservoir of personal power to bring home waterfalls of income, otherwise you burnout.

I know if you are reading this article, you hustle, and are hungry for production. As women build a solid foundation of power, increased productivity becomes the natural next step. At our Business Summit we actually teach women how to market, sell, create systems, and actually build assets for your business through photography, videography, sales pages and FB ads that work so you can accelerate your business as quickly as possible.  It is a one stop shop for all things for your business while we build the power behind your Our next business summit start January 2019.

How many women can I help create 6 figure businesses?

How many women can I bring with me to the top?  

How many women can we set on the path to build an empire?

If you hunger for expansion and want to build the greatest version of you, then women’s empire is for you!

Please enjoy the following Free trainings:

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About the Author

April Berezay

April Berezay has been a central business and fitness leader for over 15 +years creating 6 figure businesses in less than a year.

She studied Exercise Science, Entrepreneurship, and Business at Brigham Young University and has multiple certifications in Fitness and Nutrition.

She is a ruthless female entrepreneur, who has built a thriving, successful business from the ground up. She has a client base nationwide and coaches many influential women in Alignment and Achievement.

She is dedicated to leading women through power, productivity, profit, and legacy.

She is the author of the book, Embracing the Feminine Warrior and founder of Women’s Empire.

April and her family reside in St. George, Utah and have three boys, Pyke (11), Krew (9), and Kasel (9), and Betty Rose 5 months!

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