Products we love by small, women-owned businesses

Our community is FULL of amazing women-owned business who make incredible products that we absolutely love. This year, we thought we’d thought we’d showcase just a few of these amazing products and companies.

Russian Size Vodka

Russian Size Vodka is a legendary, family-owned Russian brand that has been among the leaders in sales in Russia for years. Receiving awards for its high quality and has been included in Forbes list of Top 50 in 2006 and 2007, as well as winning first place in the 2016 LA International Spirits Competition.

Russian Size Lux Vodka made its first debut in Russia 15 years ago and has since maintained its position as the leader of the mainstream vodka segment. Every ingredient that goes into Russian Size vodka is of pristine quality. Even the water used to produce it is clean and confirmed to have stable mineral composition. It’s made with high-quality wheat grain, & only the highest quality of alcohol is used. Everything is measured out according to a unique recipe that uses extracts from fresh cucumbers, giving it a delicate and unique taste. 

Distilled four times and filtered five, every batch is clean and smooth. With its legendary history in Russia and abroad, it is now being distributed in California.

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(From the founders, Jeni, Holly & Randi) PURSEY was born from a slip of the tongue when I accidentally called my sister’s purse a “pursey” on our way to the Women’s March. Having felt powerless for too long, we decided to take action and march together on January 21st, 2017. We had no idea what this one small decision would lead to.

In a sea of pink hats and hand painted signs, we decided that would we no longer allow anyone or anything to make us feel powerless again. By reconnecting to our power, our creativity opened and we were inspired to design a handbag that honored that moment. As we tapped into our creative energy our world opened up in more ways than we could have ever imagined.

In less than a year, we learned about design and manufacturing and completed our first two handbags styles. We ran a successful Kickstarter campaign in December of 2017, which led to the completion of our first production order arriving in April of 2018. We are in the process of completing the other designs for our debut collection.

PURSEY is a purpose driven company that donates 5% of sales to organizations that empower women & promote equality. We believe everything we do matters. That is why we choose premium material and employ American makers who earn living wages in an ethical and clean work environment.  Our handbags are designed in the heart of the midwest and hand-stitched in the garment district in New York City. Our duster bags are made in Nepal by Beauty for Ashes, a company providing living wages and resources for marginalized women.

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desert daisy jewelry

(From the founder, Erin) I come from a family of creatives, growing up on a family farm where my parents used their talents to make sure we never noticed the lack of material possessions.

I rebelled a bit against my artsy upbringing and found myself in a scientific job behind a desk, Astrophysics. Interesting as a subject, but I never really fit in, I was always searching. Following my heart has led me on a winding path to where I am now, creating accessories that highlight the natural, raw beauty in the world.

I find myself inspired by the unique energy of each stone, and sometimes when inspiration lags, a good old fashioned desert hike is all I need to get back into design.

I am also fascinated by the metaphysical studies that surround crystals. The place they have held in many cultures over the course of history shows their pull on our collective psyche, and the majesty of a stone that has been part of the earth for millions of years before becoming part of the jewelry I make is what inspires me the most.

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Laughing Glass Cocktails

(From the founders, Sydney & Carey) We looked and we tasted, and nothing on the shelves met our standards. So what did we do? First, we agreed that that “low calorie” shouldn’t have to be “low taste,” or “low quality” for that matter. Next, we set out to create cocktails without compromise – using the best all-natural ingredients, super-premium spirits and nothing artificial. Put simply, we don’t do phony.

And while our product is sophisticated and refined, our name is a more accurate reflection of what we believe in: Laughing!

We all share a love of getting friends together, making it meaningful, laughing a lot, and enjoying ourselves to the fullest. We encourage those all too rare moments when a bout of giggling hilarity can uplift and truly cleanse the soul–making everything feel lighter and brighter.  In fact, we don’t just encourage it – it is our reason for being!

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Classy Broads Coffee

(From the founder) Hey there! I’m Leslie O’Bryant, founder of Classy Broads Coffee & Tea.  I opened a coffee shop in 2017 in a small town in North Carolina outside of Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point.

In opening that little shop, I quickly learned how male-dominated the coffee industry is. Now, that’s not a bad thing but hey ladies, can we get some cute packaging over here?

Through this process of creating a feminine brand, I wanted to honor my late grandmother. She always told me I can be anyone and do anything I want, I just have to go for it.

Grams was an amazing woman. She lived through the Great Depression, was a nurse, had three children, and of course, was the best Grandma ever!

She was a very classy lady, but she did have a fun side. Grams was a preacher’s wife but got kicked out of an all girl’s boarding school for sneaking out at night.

That is the inspiration behind all our Coffee Broads. If you haven’t read all the labels, go do it now!

I wanted to incorporate all sides of women into products; the classy, the sassy, and the badassy.

We run corporations, homes, hospitals, schools, fire departments… you know where I’m going here. We do many things as women, and a little caffeine helps to get through our days of running the world.

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(From the Founder, Megan) Welcome to the party..we are thrilled to have you! Before you start popping the bubbly and showing off your killer dance moves let’s get you the 411 on this little piece of party heaven! The why, the how, and all that other juicy gossip you want to hear at the punch bowl:

Confetti might be messy, but is messy! The world has gone a bit crazy (said in my best Eminem rap) and too much time and attention is focused on the hard, the sad, and the dark. Meanwhile, there are so many wonderful things in life that we should be celebrating. Focusing on. Creating for ourselves! Confetti is meant to help us with that. Have you ever done a confetti toss and not smiled? If you try to say yes you’re lying. It’s one of those things that brighten our world and that’s what we’re on a mission to do.

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Albright Creative

Erin Albright, Owner of Albright Creative, loves to create watercolors. She creates her artwork by drawing small, delicate flowers and combining them into shapes, objects, etc. You can view her artwork and purchase archival quality reprints at her Etsy shop.

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Crossing Broadway

(From the Founders, Kandie, Tiff & Haley) Crossing Broadway is a mother, daughter, daughter team from KC. We’re fortunate to come from a line of strong, amazing women. While we know many aren’t that lucky, we think they should be. 

Crossing Broadway is about more than t-shirts. It’s a women’s empowerment line. It’s a commitment to build a tribe of women who agree to stop judging and start supporting.

With the purchase of one of our products, you’re joining our family and making a commitment to stop pointing out imperfections and start fixing each other’s crowns.
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