In the August issue of Badassery Magazine, I shared my gut wrenching experience with Tony Robbins, because, well, it needed to be said that even the fearless have moments.  What I did not include was the first half of the story, as it would have taken away from the point- being- we all fall, and fall hard.

That said, it’s now my turn to tell you how I also kicked major ass that day

After what seemed like a lifetime, we finally hear the emcee say “don’t go anywhere,” next up is GaryVee– you know who I am talking about…  The one and only.  And I know that can only mean one thing- our VIP lunch is only ONE hour away and I need to FOCUS.

Focus?  I know, you are confused, as my previous article talks about gearing up for Tony, but what I left out, for those who haven’t seen this on Facebook is that this turned into a two part mission,  You see, some ladies I know, and if you are reading this, you know them too, Samantha Parker and Kathy Rasmussen, charged me with scoring Gary for their podcast when they heard I’d be seeing him live.  It was almost posed as a dare, on a whim kind of thing. Clearly, they were not sure who they were dealing with.  Let’s find out.

Gary walks on stage and every word he says speaks to me. I am completely mesmerized—of course he is a hottie and a native New Yorker, let’s be real here–  but honestly- his work ethic, his presence, his understanding of technology and vision for the future leaves me awestruck.

Oh, you should know that before Gary came on stage, security came over to tell us that as soon as Gary was done, we are to proceed to the left of the stage and follow instructions to the VIP luncheon.  I was pumped.  (Why yes, yes I did but the platinum package that included VIP lunch with Gary, thank you very much and happy 46th birthday to me.)

Gary says thank you to the crowd, and I book it to the left of the stage, waiting for directions to the lunch!  Oh and by the way, the hell with lunch, I was getting my ass to that room to meet Gary.

I entered a ballroom with tables set-up for easily 500 people.  It was a luncheon for all the platinum and diamond VIP’s.  CRAP!  It was not the intimate setting I hoped it would be.  

I quickly scan the room and I notice two microphones on either side of the stage.   I grab a seat at the closest table I can, as a non-Diamond VIP, and I keep my eye on the microphone.

The emcee introduces Gary to the small stage in the room and begins to say that Gary will take questions…..  BOOM, I am off.  I am high tailing it to one of the microphones.  THIS IS IT.  Part one of my mission.  Ask Gary to do the Badassery podcast.  YOU CAN DO THIS.

I didn’t get to the mic first, in fact I was about 7 people back, and luckily, when the emcee stopped questions two people ahead of me because of time limitations, Gary told him he could add 10 more minutes to the discussion!  YES! SCORE!

It’s my turn, and after at least 12 people have asked Gary for advice about their own business or a question about understanding social media, I get up to the mic.  I hit voice record on my phone and I begin. (um, yeah, I couldn’t video it, but you bet your ass I recorded it.)

“HI Gary, my name is Mindy.  I am a native NY’er, born in Brooklyn, I am 46, a divorced mom of two, and I quit my day gig three weeks ago to be a full time entrepreneur.”  The room starts cheering, and Gary interrupts and says “Whoa, whoa, SHE CAN STILL FAIL!”  

That is what I love about Gary, he is real.  No BS.  Of course, I can still fail, but I was NOT going to fail in that moment.  “Well, my question is different- I work with several badass women entrepreneurs and two of them own Badassery Magazine and I wondered what it would take to get you on their podcast.”  

And for a moment, I heard nothing- from anyone. And Gary looked me straight in the face and said “DONE.”

OMG. Gary said YES, to ME!  He asked me to email him and told me exactly what to say in the subject line.  I barely made it back to my table, having totally missed his email, and trying to make sure I didn’t fall over.  He’s only a person, I know.  I wasn’t freaking out because he is a hot celebrity originally from NY, ok, maybe a little, but I was so overwhelmed that I asked him to do something that was coming from me and MY BUSINESS, (even though it was for other people,) but from the Mindy Quinn, CEO of Wildflower Promotions & Media Management, not Mindy Quinn marketing director or any other title working for someone else.  I was here by my choice, and I successfully completed the first half of my mission.

And as the rest of the story goes… Tony Robbins, well, stay tuned for the next chapter, and GaryVee… keep an eye out this Fall on the Badassery Podcast! #hustle #win #wearebadassery

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With more than twenty years of event creation, marketing and community outreach experience, Mindy Quinn has developed campaigns, fundraising events, social media strategies and public relations support serving K-12 public education, higher education, social services organizations and for-profit corporations.