Showing up as you, just the way you are, should always be your number one priority in your business. In fact you shouldn’t have to make it a priority because being you is really all you can ever by.

When it comes to your sales pages, always remember to make it YOU. However, there are few trips and tricks that can polish your sales pages and have people clicking that ‘oh hell yes, sign me up’ button.

Look, we’ve all been there. We’ve been watching an incredible Facebook live or reading a great promotional post. We are incredibly drawn into their motivational words and all of the incredible knowledge they are sharing. You have a problem and they have the solution. You are so ready to expand your knowledge base. When you see that like you, say oh hell yes! Pick me! I’m in, just take my money.

Then you hit that sales page. What the hell is this? It instantly hits you with less inspiration than an earth worm. It makes no sense, you can’t even find the sign up button and you are completely lost at what you actually will receive when you sign up. WTF is this…

Has this happened to you? Maybe even worse, is this what happens when people find your sales pages? You only get one quick impression, so let’s work on unsucking those sales pages.


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TIP #1

There are three basic types of sales pages buyers: 

Type One: YES! I’m in. I’m waving my hands around and I don’t even care what the details are. These are the type of people who have a know, like, trust factor already established with you and your brand. They are in. In order to accommodate these types of buyers, always place a big sign up button right at the top. Do NOT make them read more to find out where to sign up. Make it obvious – this is where you SECURE your spot and send me MONEY.

Type Two: I need ALL the details. I like to overthink everything and I need all the details. I want to make sure this fits my needs exactly and the price is worth the value you are exchanging. These types of buyers require multiple sign up buttons throughout your sales page. They are also going to need lots of details. LOTS. You are going to need to break it down step-by-step, including the delivery process. While you are breaking it down, make sure you stress how you are going to solve their pain points and problems. See more below on this topic.

Type Three: I need to think on it. I know I really want it, but I’m the thinking type. I need to weigh up all of my options and will eventually come to a decision. These sales page lurkers require a little more care and attention. A great way to cut to the chase and hit them in their thinking sweet spot, is a countdown timer or an act fast, going going gone…type of call to action. You will also need to keep following up with your audience so that you are targeting these types of lurkers. Lurkers are awesome, you just need to keep wowing them by talking constantly about your epic offer. Keep pulling them back into your sales page. This is why we send multiple sales emails and we are always spewing our promotional offers.

Pro tip: Retarget in Facebook ads.


TIP #2

Stacking: We have become a skimming and scrolling nation. The ‘above the fold time’ is basically thanks to social media. Shout out to all our epic social media peeps. While I am a die hard fan of social media, it has made it our sales pages longer and longer. We are trained to keep scrolling and scrolling…..We stop when something catches our eyes. This is where stacking comes in.

Stacking is a sales method where I constantly re-stack the value of the promotion I am offering. I just phrase it in different ways. On our sales pages we are stacking the value of the promo with additional information, presented in unique ways. Want to see how we stack our sales pages? Grab our Ultimate Sales Page Template! 

You can also sprinkle in your sales page with testimonials, your bio, your back story, more details about the epic thing you must buy and my all time favorite – How are you going to change my life?

Tip #3

How are you going to change my life? When it comes to sales pages, we really care less about the nuts and bolts (like this is a 6 week course) and more about how it’s going to change our life. Seriously. How are you going to change my life? How is your program going to make it rain glitter and shine like a diamond from the sky? How are you going to make my motivated AF and blow up my business?

Every time we create a new sales page, promotion, etc. I sit down and make a list of how this is going to change your life. I get really specific with who it’s for and what it’s going to do for them. Then I stack my life changing information in with my nuts and bolts, and you have a sales page that will knock your damn socks off. More importantly, you will be screaming YES! Take my money and change my life  and biz!


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