We’ve all heard of VISION BOARDS right?

But what if we could blow your minds by telling you those vision boards are shit

Just hear us out for a second before you feel offended that your scrapbook project isn’t up to par, because we think it’s great. However we are about to totally shift your perception.

It’s impossible to live in the past and it’s ridiculously impossible to predict the future. The only time you can live is NOW. Your vibrational energy needs to match the present moment you are living in. It’s time you stopped looking at all those things you “should” be doing and start focusing on all the good shit you have created in 2017. That’s the same energy that will propel you into 2018!

It’s also something we call ALIGNMENT!


Detach yourself from the feeling of need. The feeling of need comes from a negative place – a void, scarcity, lack. When you are trying to manifest something because you need it, you might feel stressed, anxious, and worried that you won’t be able to manifest it. All of these feelings are are part of a low, negative vibration.


How can you achieve those big vision board dreams when you aren’t aligned and coming from a scarcity mindset?


We want to help you gain clarity and create space for alignment, by flipping the traditional vision board over stepping into total flow.


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We want you to:

  • Recognize your current achievements to gain clarity on manifesting what you do want!
  • Eliminate the constant “need and should” mentality.
  • Destroy your fears and insecurities around creating a life you are meant to live.
  • Create a vibration board full of what you have and set your vibration goals for 2018!


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