Weekly recap

Hey Badass!

Happy Saturday!

Every Saturday we post all the highlights that happened in Badassery land over the last week. There’s a lot of glitter that gets thrown around, so here’s what you might have missed.

1. On the Badassery Podcast. Tuesday we sat down with epic community builder, Joseph Haecker. He grew up bumping elbows with celebrities and wants to connect everyone he meets. He believes he can change the world and we know he can. If you are ready to build a community based on giving back, turn up the volume. LISTEN HERE!

2. On the Badassery Podcast (now twice as nice). Thursday Kathy and Samantha chatted with each other and asked the question, Does Your Biz Idea Suck? Not every passion should be turned into a business. On this episode of Badassery Podcast, Samantha and Kathy get down to business. They’ll give you 10 ways to evaluate your business idea, talk about investing in your business and building a brand people love — even if it includes drinking wine.

3. Badass Interviews with Sian Elizabeth. Learn how to convert your mailing list, social media and more into paying customers. Sian started her online adventures in October 2016. In that time, she has launched three businesses (which she knows is crazy as hell): VA & OBM… VA Coach & Mentor… Conversion Queen. Passion, drive & determination and the healthy fear that failure was not an option, is what have made her so successful in 15 months! Check it out here.

4. On the blog- The Community Experience. What kind of party are you throwing? A highly engaged community of ideal clients is every entrepreneur’s dream. In fact, with the sheer vastness of of the internet and number of competing businesses, developing and growing your own audience is the only way a business will survive. Simply opening a space or starting a Facebook group isn’t going to fill your community with the people you want. You have to intentionally create an experience which attracts the right people to be part of the community. Read more….

5. Are you easily distracted? Guest blogger, Destiny Hagest lends us her best productivity hacks. We’ve all been there, stuck in the endless scroll on Facebook, getting distracted by emails, phone calls, kids wandering into our office. It ain’t easy being a badass, but the reality is, if you want this life, if you want this SUCCESS, you’ve gotta put up or shut up. Check it out here.


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