All Things Badassery Weekly Recap

Hey Badass,

Happy Saturday! Each Saturday we give you the highlights of all the glitter you might have missed in the land of Badassery!

1. Badassery Podcast: On Tuesday, we had a chat with the founder and artist in residence at Lionheart Prints, Liz Maute Cooke. Liz has a mission: to spread more fun into the world with her creative print shop in New Orleans. Liz put a lot of hard work to get where she is today, which has included failing at almost every job she ever had. LISTEN HERE!

2. Badassery Podcast: On Thursday, chatted with Desiree Wiercyski about stopping those small steps and going BIG!
Desiree told us why each of those connections count, why traditional “rules” don’t matter and how she’s putting all of this into action to change the coaching industry. LISTEN HERE!

3. Badass Interviews with Cameron Gray: Discover how to manage your entrepreneurial anxiety, with Cameron’s four-step system to harness the energy from your anxiety to creative genius!
Cameron is the founder of She focuses on helping ambitious artists and creative entrepreneurs take over the world with a ton of resources: ecourses, webinar workshops and PDF resources. Check it out here.

4. On the Blog: Guest blogger; Diana Adamko, wants to know when you’re going to stop procrastinating and start living the life you love. Check out Diana’s tips to act on your desires here.

5. Still thinking about coming to the Badassery Bash? Belle Lockerby had a little chat about how you could build a pillow wall in Las Vegas!  Want to hear what Belle had to say? Come and join us



6. Are you still a lurker? By now, you should know that we love to have a highly engaged community in Badassery land. If you haven’t stopped by to say ‘hi’ do it!

7. Time is running out: The doors to Badassery Revolution close on Sunday, January 21. Inside the Badassery Vaults we have 100 hours of workshops, webinars, tutorials and more.  Enroll before the doors close, and you get to come and hang out with us for F-R-E-E for the first 30 daysReady?



8. Product of the week: If you love mermaids, we have the perfect mug for your morning beverage! Check out the Badassery Magazine Mermaid Mug.

9. Give yourself permission to own a badass business: This week Samantha has shared her tips on how you can give yourself permission. Samantha’s tips and short exercises are a must read! You can find it here.