Badassery Weekly Recap

Hey Badass!

Welcome to the weekend! So much happens in a week, so here’s our weekly recap… in case you missed any of this!

1. On the Blog: Hindsight is a wonderful thing. When we look back at what we ‘should’ have done or had, we can learn from these lessons and share with others. On Monday, this is exactly what Kathy did: sharing the three tools she wished she’d had in place before she needed them. So let’s ask a question, do you have everything you need in place?  READ HERE!

2. Introducing the Badassery Course Vaults: Monday saw the launch of a vault FULL of courses starting at just $12! Here at Badassery, we design everything to help you create the business you’ve dreamed of. LOOK AT THE VAULT!


Badassery Courses


To throw even more glitter your way, you can receive a 15% discount off of ANY COURSE, by contacting us and we’ll send you the code via FB Messenger.  GET YOUR CODE!

3. Badassery Podcast: On Tuesday, Samantha and Kathy talked to Jaclyn Humble about what a ‘Millennial Homemaker is’, and how it’s not gender specific. Jaclyn also gave Samantha and Kathy the down low on how her passion for jewelry has become a successful business.  LISTEN HERE!

4. Badass Interviews with Erin Strayer: Discover how Erin’s techniques empowers others, by using the power of the mind to create greater clarity and personal experiences to find the place where answers lie.  Erin’s combination of energy and business, allows her to take her clients beyond the fears that limit them, and turns their challenges into opportunity. CHECK IT OUT HERE!

5. On the Blog: Guest Blogger, Sarah Wilson shares her story of struggle with her interior design business. Sarah’s ‘confession’ proves that while it can all look great from the outside, it’s not always ‘shiny’.  READ HERE!

6. Badassery Podcast: On Thursday, Samantha and Kathy gave us their insight into giving yourself permission to let go of anything you have no passion for; and explained how the universe answers your call when you’ve asked for change: allowing you to release and grow.  LISTEN HERE!

7. Never Miss a Thing: As a super busy badass, we have something that will keep you up-to-date about all things Badassery. Many Chat allows you to receive updates directly into Messenger, so you never have to miss any of our news again!  JOIN NOW!

8. Product of the Week: Show off just what a badass closer you are with our ‘Rose is for Closers’ Tee! If we’re honest, you don’t even have to be a fan of Rose, this tee is gorgeous anyway!  CHECK IT OUT HERE!

9. On the Blog: On Friday, Samantha has asked a big question – is your addiction to drama holding you back from owning the business you desire? Not only has Samantha shared her own personal experiences, she’s handed over 5 ways you can step away from the drama.  READ HERE!

10. Five Ways to Monetize Your Zone of Genius: Join us on Thursday, February 1 at 12pm EST for this workshop. We’ll give you clarity on your direction and how you can get unstuck when trying to find the business model for you!  CLAIM YOUR SPOT!

11. Thanking our Community Sponsors: This month we teamed up with Cameron Gray and Sian Elizabeth. THANKS LADIES!! You’ve been incredible assets to the community!

Community Sponsor - Badassery Magazine


A recap on Cameron Gray: Being an entrepreneur is tough AF. The anxiety and uncertainty can be through the roof.  SEE MORE ABOUT CAMERON HERE!



Community Sponsor - Badassery Magazine


A recap on Sian Elizabeth: The Queen of Conversions is dedicated to helping other women grow their businesses and giving back whenever she can. SEE MORE ABOUT SIAN HERE!