How are you enjoying the New Year? Is it raining glitter yet? We started off the year with a huge bang (hello GaryVee) and it has been so much fun. 

This week we also dropped the hot news that we will now be featuring TWO podcasts a week. That’s right, Badassery is now in your earbuds twice a week. Catch us every Tuesday and Thursday at, Spotify, iTunes and Google Play.

Here’s what you might have missed this week-

1. Badass Interviews: This week Kathy virtually sat down with April Pertuis. She is the founder and creator of LIGHTbeamers — a highly engaged community of women who are on a journey to tell their story. April uses her skills as a writer and video producer to teach others how to tap into their own personal story to shine a positive light in the world. Watch the interview here.

2. This week on the podcast– Gary Vaynerchuk! We asked him about everything from female entrepreneurship to what’s next for the GaryVee enterprise. PLUS on our newly added second weekly podcast, you will fall in love with the dynamic duo of Dixie Willard and Rachel Moriarty. Together they created the Design and Style Club. The podcast this week is a MUST!!!

3. Did you catch our newest issue of Badassery Magazine? It just dropped on Monday and is full of incredible badasses who will inspire you. Read it hereand then share with all your business besties.

4. Did you catch us live with Joseph Haecker? We were recent guests on his Facebook Live call in talk show. OMG, so much fun. Watch the replay here.

6. Make sure you are following us on Facebook. Sunday night we are going to announce something we’ve never done before and you won’t want to miss this.

Before you go, we wanted to introduce you to two incredible ladies. They are teaming up with us this month as community sponsors.

If you haven’t met Sian Elizabeth you might have been hiding under a rock. She’s the Queen of conversions and she’s incredibly dedicated to helping other women grow their businesses. We have seen first hand how incredibly genuine and dedicated she is to giving back. She has a kickass FREEBIE just to help you all get started >>

Cameron Gray has teamed up with us to provide you all with THE best resource. Being an entrepreneur is tough AF. The anxiety and uncertainty can be through the roof. We are over the moon excited that she has created a 3 part FREE email course. Harness all of that anxious energy, and funnel it straight into your creative business >>

If you are interested in joining us as a 2018 community sponsor, check here. We have ONE spot available in February that just opened up.

Thanks for being a badass!