Welcome to the weekend! Here’s just a some of the things you might have missed this week!

1. On the Blog: Kathy delved into the FIVE areas you need to focus on in business, including how they all fit together in one badass business puzzle. You can read it HERE!

2. On the Podcast: On Tuesday, Samantha and Kathy Samantha and Kathy had an honest chat with Sarah Daniele. Sarah talks about her shift from interior to the owner of tech start-up Mydoma, and how she faced the challenges of a total business shift like a badass! LISTEN HERE!

3. On the Blog: Guest Blogger, Leslie Klatt dropped some awesome tips on how you can visualize your goals. If you want to learn how seeing it makes it easier to reach your badass goals, read HERE!

4. Things That Kick Ass! Kathy gave us the download on TaupeCoat, the toxin and cruelty free, vegan-based nail lacquer that kicks ass!  If you’ve given up on the home mani or pedi; or, are pissed off when you chip your nails as soon as you’ve finished them, you should keep reading HERE!

5. On the Podcast: On Thursday, Samantha and Kathy chatted with the inspirational Nicole Banks. Nicole explains how her mission to create a boutique and line of clothing for international fashion loving females began when she was recovering from cancer.  LISTEN HERE!

6. Product of the Week: If you’re looking for a mug that stands out from the crowd with its vivid glossy print for your morning (or evening) beverage of choice, the Narwhal mug is for you! CHECK IT OUT!

7. How do you unsuck your sales pages? If you still haven’t checked out Samantha’s glitter encrusted tips on how you can make your sales pages TOTALLY EPIC, you need to do it! READ HERE!

8. Booze and Bookkeeping: Yes, you read it right the first time! We want to instil a fun into all things bookkeeping, and what better way to do it than with a 90-minute workshop with a glass of wine in your hand!  With special guest Melissa Capps, this exclusive LIFETIME access training, WILL show you all of the bookkeeping basics, get you on track to maximizing your financial success like a badass AND includes workshop materials – you just need to provide you and your wine!