Happy Saturday Badass! A lot happens in a week in the land of Badassery, so here’s the weekly recap!


1. On the Blog:  Kathy asked possibly one of the biggest questions every single one of us will have (or still) thought about: ‘When is it time to quit the 9-5?’.  Kathy explains how took her side hustle to full-time zone of genius, with a 3-step formula in place, to ensure she succeeded. READ HERE!

2. On the Podcast: On Tuesday, Samantha and Kathy had a (virtual) sit down with Tiffany Piggee.  Tiffany spoke about her sexual assault, and how her ‘second chance’, meant grabbing her dream and allowing NOTHING would hold her back! Listen to how Bumpcology has filled a beauty industry hole, which is allowing women to take back the power of their bodies.  LISTEN HERE!

3. On the Blog: Guest Bloggers, Britt Hyatt and Kelsey Christine of Launch Your Daydream shared their top tips on how to not only grow, but MAINTAIN, 3 seriously important business relationships. They took it a step further and handed over examples from their own business. READ MORE HERE!

4. On the Podcast: On Thursday, Samantha and Kathy chatted with Summer Tannhauser; the original Queen of Pinterest, about all things life and business. Summer explains how she juggles work life balance like a BOSS, which includes having a 4 month old strapped to her – #badass! Summer also gave some great tips on leveraging your business to earn more and work less! LISTEN HERE!

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6. Badassery Bookkeeping Challenge: We’ve teamed up with special guest, Melissa Capps; to hand you 3 days of MIND BLOWING bookkeeping bombshells that will change the way you manage your cash flow (and those all-important books)!  If you’re ready to whip your books into shape and maximize your income, secure your challenge spot!

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7, Badassery Bash – 64 sleeps: are you ready for an EPIC EXPERIENCE with the most BADASS ladies in business? Come and make history with us in Vegas from April 13-16! Time really is running out now! RSVP NOW!

8. On the Blog: So, how do you unsuck your sales pages? Just yesterday, Samantha handed out HUGE amounts of value when she gave you three glitter encrusted top tips on how you can make your sales pages EPIC! READ HERE!