Weekly Recap


Happy Saturday! We have had so much glitter rain down this week that there’s a lot to pack into this recap! Are you ready for all of this?!

1. On the Blog: Kathy wanted to know whether your business idea was badass or just bad. She even gave you ten top questions to ask yourself when gauging your market viability. You can read it HERE!

2. On the Podcast: On Tuesday, Samantha and Kathy sat down with Joey Vitale; the powerhouse attorney behind Indie Law. Joey explained how being a ‘middle child’ brought Indie Law to life: supporting the legal needs of creative boss owners, which gave them the space to thrive and bring more abundance into their life and business!  LISTEN HERE!

3. Badass Interviews: This week, Samantha sat down with Cheryl Bassitt of Unstoppable Connections. Cheryl explained just how important those family connections were and how everything can relate back to just 4 Seeds. If you missed the interview, you can catch it HERE!

4. On the Blog: Guest Blogger, Jen Pollard gave us an insight into her very personal journey and what it means to have reached her ‘second birthday’.  Read Jen’s inspirational post HERE!

5. On the Podcast: On Thursday, Samantha and Kathy chatted with the dynamic (and volcanic) duo that is Kit and Rose Volcano. Kit and Rosie are HUGE amounts of fun, but they also dropped some SERIOUS truth bombs about how they are teaching other healers to make ‘scarcity mode’ a thing of the past and be the badass business owner they deserve to be! LISTEN HERE!

6. Product of the Week – Dream Big, Live Intentionally Journal: If you’re ready to start making changing in your world, you should check out The Dream Big, Live Intentionally Journal. This journal will guide you through the practices you need to implement, to manifest the life you want! CHECK IT OUT!

7. On the Blog: Samantha shared how being a big dreamer made her feel like she was a misfit, but how having a dream and a vision is something we should never apologize for! Read about how you can live your own Badassery HERE!

8. EPIC Workshop – Five Ways to Monetize Your Zone of Genius: Just yesterday we hosted an AWESOME glitter encrusted workshop that literally handed out more epiphanies than you’d ever know what to do with!

Just a tiny recap of what we covered?  Understanding ways to SCALE a business; Learning how to be FREE from the ‘time trap’; How to scale your business so that it works FOR you; Diversifying your income streams AND getting unstuck when trying to work out the right idea to run with!  GRAB THE REPLAY HERE!



9. Shout Out to our new Emerging Entrepreneur Sponsors: We have three AMAZING sponsors for February, and we could not be happier to introduce you to these awesome ladies to you!

FIRST >> Mary Oquendo: Mary is the owner of Pawsitive Educational Training, an awesome source of online workshops for us busy professionals.  Mary also writes for Groomer To Groomer and Natural Awakenings magazines; and is a contributing author to several online blogs and print magazines.  You can take a look at EVERYTHING Mary has to offer HERE!

SECOND >> Sherrie McCarthy:  Sherrie is the lady we know as the writer who lives aboard her boat, Falkor, with her family.  Sherrie is passionate about using creativity to heal anything. This is why the Creative Mermaids was created.  Sherrie has an amazing academy of vibrant living courses, for all of us creatives! Take a look HERE!

AND FINALLY >> Lynn Reifert: Lynn has worked within the mortgage industry for over 24 years!  She has worked her way into loan origination. If you’re in need of a mortgage, you should seriously contact Lynn as your Caliber Loan Consultant!  Want to know how to contact her? It’s HERE!

10. MONETIZE THAT – 5 Day Intensive: On Monday February 5, we want to show YOU how to MONETIZE THAT ZONE OF GENIUS!

Are you:

  • Just plain tired of trying to find your zone of genius and live inside your passions?
  • Ready to monetize your passions?
  • Discovered your passion, but are struggling to package it?
  • Tired of trying to build an audience who wants to buy your zone of genius?
  • Ready to scale the F*CK out of your passions and live a life that is truly Badassery?


What do you get?

  • Daily kickass trainings and worksheets
  • A Private FB Group for 1:1 attention from US
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  • AND a bonus!


Monetize That

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11. Brand new issue of Badassery Magazine: The February issue dropped on Thursday and this is FILLED with inspiration. This month we are ALL about the body love and we just know that this WILL BLOW YOUR MIND! READ HERE!

Have an amazing weekend!