Learn how you can implement these 3 top tips with ease to create amazing fresh meals for your family!


This is a Wine & Wisdom Webinar with a difference! Meet Christa Brunelle, professional chef and founder of Delicious Lifestyles: where she provides tips and tricks on how to create delicious food!

If you don’t have a great relationship with cooking, you will walk away with some awesome ways to change how you feel about the food you cook.

 Christa cooked up some seriously delicious recipes throughout the webinar.  You NEED to watch the webinar to grab these recipes direct from Christa; as she seriously explains it better than we would be able to.


How to Prep Properly

Christa’s top tip is to have everything ready.  Don’t stress yourself out by running around your kitchen to find all the ingredients you need. If you have the time to prep in advance, you will find that you are saving time; and making fresh food.

Involve your kids: if you take your kids grocery shopping with you, allow them to choose a couple of ingredients that you will be included in your meals during the week. This activity also means that you’re likely to get your kids eating something that they might not ordinarily go for… all because you involved them!

Pre-heat your oven, as your food will cook so much better than if it’s put into a cold over.


Knife Skills

Christa recommends that you put a wet towel under your cutting board so that it doesn’t slip. Make sure that you use a sharp knife so that you are applying less pressure than if you use a dull knife (where you would need to apply a lot more pressure). Hold you knife so that it fits into the palm of your hand and make sure you are comfortable with both the size and weight of the hand you plan to use once you start chopping. Always clean up as you go, as this is a lot safer than leaving mess around you!

Onions: dependant on the size you want to dice, make sure you place your cuts in the positions that Christa shows in the webinar for small, medium or large dices.

Red Pepper:  Cut your pepper into quarters. To remove the white flesh, cut flesh side up so that the pepper doesn’t slip on your cutting board, or use your hands if you’re not comfortable doing this with a knife.


Meal Planning
  • First in First Out: it might sound obvious, but make sure that you use the food you purchase first.
  • Food Temperatures – the danger zone: any food items that need to be refrigerated have a ‘safety zone’ of around 4 hours. Always make sure that you put any perishable items into your fridge as quickly as possible.
  • The Pasta Trick: if you’ve cooked up some pasta and have some leftover, don’t throw it away! Pasta can be kept in your fridge for approx. 3 days; so, allow it to cool down and toss it in some olive oil so that it doesn’t stick together and put it into the fridge. This additional pasta can easily be turned into another quick meal.


Wildtree has a FREE downloadable meal planning app that allows you to add your food preferences and allergies. Once you’ve plugged in your diet preferences, the ingredients and grocery suggestions made by the app not only make your grocery list so much easier to navigate; but also give you great ideas for meals (all ahead of time)!

All of this tips and tricks show just how fun cooking can be: involving your family can create an amazing family environment!



Catch the Webinar Replay Here!




About Our Co-Host


Christa received an Associates of Science Degree from Art Institute of Houston; Culinary Arts in 1999.
Christa has worked in the culinary industry for over 16 years, covering fine dining, casinos, hotels, restaurants and fast food – to name a few. Christa loves the ‘organized chaos’ of the industry; and over the years has enjoyed consulting, training and sharing tips and tricks she has learned.
Christa’s ingredients can be purchased at WildTree – head on over there to grab what you need!
Christa offers 1:1 Cooking 101 Live Courses.  You can find Christa on Facebook.