Mindset tips and hacks for increasing profitability and making more money in your business


I think we can all agree that “more money” is something we all, whether we’re willing to admit it or not, want in our businesses and our lives.

Typically when we’re looking to increase our income (whether in our business or in our personal accounts) we often look to typical business and career strategies to do so. We look for a new, higher paying job. We open a new location. Work longer hours. Increase or improve our marketing efforts. Attend more networking events. Ask for referrals…the list goes on and on.

All of these strategies, however, require us to do more of something.  

But what if the process of making more money started before all that?

What if there was a simple mindset hack that would allow your marketing, networking, and referrals to have a greater impact?

What if one behavioral tweak, that involved you doing less would lead to more money?

This mindset hack is actually so simple you may not believe me…I’m going to tell you anyways.


If you want to start making more money in your life or business, the secret to doing so is to begin accepting compliments.

Yes. You read that right – by beginning to accept compliments we actually increase our ability to earn more money.

Stay with me and I’ll explain how this works. First, however, I want you to consider this situation and question:

Imagine it’s a normal day. It’s not your birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or any other day you’d expect to receive a compliment or gift. It’s just a normal day. You go to work, or maybe you meet a friend for lunch, when, out of nowhere, they compliment you, or buy you a small gift (like a coffee for example). How do you react?

If you’re like the bulk of the population you’ll say something like:

“Oh you shouldn’t have”


“The next round is on me”


“This old thing?!”

If your reaction is somewhere along these lines, what you are doing is energetically and unconsciously REJECTING the compliment or gift.

In today’s day and age, when someone compliments us, or buys us a small gift (like in the example above) our initial and unconscious reaction is often to reject or block ourselves from receiving it. Most people fear what others think of them, and because we don’t want to appear to be conceited or stuck-up we feel uncomfortable simply saying “thank you!”. In fact, this reaction has become so ingrained in us by society that most people don’t even realize they are doing it!

The second reason we typically reject unexpected compliments or gifts is because it takes us out of the driver’s seat.

When we sit back and receive we’re not in control. Think about it…

Who is in control of the gift/compliment? The giver.

Who is in control of the intention? The giver.

The giver is also in control of how and when they give it.

The receiver is only in control of their reaction. From a primal and evolutionary standpoint, when we’re not in control we’re vulnerable, exposed, possibly even at a disadvantage.


To regain control many people often give a gift or compliment back (“no, no, I’ll buy the coffees today!”) or reject it all together (“oh this dress? I only paid $5 for it”).

The problem with this primal and societal patterning, however, is that it instills a belief in our unconscious minds that it’s unsafe to receive.

Our unconscious mind is highly suggestive and completely illogical. Our unconscious mind believes our actions and feelings over our words and is always processing information from our surroundings and our inner dialogue. Our unconscious mind also loves to make associations, so it regularly connects things like beliefs with behaviours that we wouldn’t consciously or logically associate.

When we suggest to our unconscious mind that it is unsafe to receive small things, like a compliment or $5 coffee, the unconscious mind expands this and applies this belief to receiving anything and everything.

In our unconscious mind, if a $5 coffee is unsafe to receive, then receiving hundreds, thousands or hundreds of thousands from a client would be life threatening!

Because the brain is also highly symbolic, it perceives all receiving to be the same. This belief then extends a whole lot further than just receiving money. It impacts our ability to receive other revenue or income generating things like referrals, new clients and even opportunities to scale a business to new levels.


If you’re goal is to grow your income or your business, you may need to do new things like use social media ads or create referral partnerships. However, these activities will prove fruitless if you’ve wired your brain out of receiving.

The next time someone compliments you or buys you a small gift randomly, accept it graciously and simply say “thank you”. Rewiring the brain takes repetition, it’s not enough to accept one compliment and return to your old patterns, however!

Begin implementing this new behavior of receiving today and you’ll start noticing changes in your life and financial situation before the end of the month!

About the Author

Tiffany Toombs

Tiffany Toombs is a mindset coach, trainer, and presenter that specializes in helping people rewire their brains to overcome self-sabotage and limiting beliefs that stop them from finding success. Tiffany runs courses and workshops all over the world to empower people to take control of their lives and their minds so they can achieve their true potential in life. She believes that everyone has a message to share and helps her clients reconnect with themselves to find their passion and purpose. You can connect with Tiffany on her website, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube.


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